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About Barwala

Barwala is a Nagar Panchayat town in Hisar district, located just 32 kms away from main city of Hisar. Owing to this town’s proximity with Hisar city, which is an important industrial city and one of the emerging cities of Haryana state, it surely enjoys immense strategic advantage. This strategic advantage is expected to propel this small town to era of sustained economic development in coming years. Below you’ll find detailed information about this Nagar Panchayat town, wherein you’ll find exhaustive information about existing infrastructure in the town and other unexplored or little known aspects of this town.

About Barwala

Administration in Barwala

Being a Nagar Panchayat town, all the civic administration responsibility of this town falls on local administrative body that is Barwala Municipal Committee or Barwala Nagar Panchayat town. Barwala Municipal Committee has total 19 wards. It has to fully ensure that drinking water is supplied to all these wards on day-to-day basis. It also has to take care of sanitation and drainage system in all these wards. Besides, constructing new highways and collecting property taxes from all households is also a key responsibility of Barwala Municipal Committee. 2011 census disclosed that approximately 43,384 were living in these 19 wards, out of which 22,763 are males whereas 20,621 were females.

Office phone no: 01693-242149
President: Santosh Garg: 9416217047
Vice president: Ram Kumar: Phone no not available
Secretary: Daulat Ram Secretary – 9896131136

Economy of Barwala

The traditional agricultural sector still maintains a very strong hold over the economy of this region. Talking about industrial sector, then Barwala town’s immense proximity with industrial city of Hisar comes in pretty handy for employment generation. This is to say that today huge numbers of locals of Hisar are employed at hordes of industrial plants operating in and around Hisar town. Being a industrial city, Hisar does not have any dearth of industrial plants, which today have become economic backbone of the entire Hisar region. Besides, Barwal region has its own share of medium and small scale industries, where substantial numbers of local labourers are employed. Finally we’d like to touch upon the minuscule service sector of this region. Today this town boosts pretty decent numbers of banks, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, hordes of retail stores and many other service oriented institutions. All these commercial institutions mostly form the part of organized service sector, which compared to unorganized service sector is still very small in size.

Transportation in Barwala

Talking about connectivity, then Barwala does have a railway station, which though is directly connected to only few important cities of Haryana and other North Indian states. These important cities are Hisar, Ludhiana, Jammu, Delhi and Amritsar. Besides, this station is also directly connected to other small villages and towns of Haryana state. As for bus services are concerned, then state run Haryana buses as well as private Volvo buses are always available on day-to-day basis. They mostly connect this town to all the important cities of Haryana and also to Delhi NCR region.Today good numbers of auto rickshaws are serving in this town, which means local commuters can travel to whichever part of the town quite easily. However, in future this town would mostly likely need more auto rickshaws to cope with its ever increasing population. As of today though things are pretty much in control on the front of local transportation.

Healthcare Services in Barwala

Barwala healthcare services can be termed as pretty self sufficient. The main reason for this self sufficiency is decent numbers of hospitals that are serving all across the town today. All these hospitals are comparatively more well equipped than hospitals that were serving this town during past decades. The much needed improvement and up-gradation in technology and medical infrastructure only means that today locals don’t have to flock to other cities for better treatment. However, even today every year substantial numbers Barwala’s local patients still flock to Hisar city for treatment, but numbers of these migrating patients have reduced quite a bit. As for basic healthcare services are concerned like chemist shops and general clinics are concern, then this town has hordes of them. The presence of all these basic services means that Barwala’s local don’t have to worry at all about availability of life saving drugs or getting a qualified and experienced doctor.

Dr. Anant Ram janta Hospital Pvt. LTD.
Address: Civil Hospital Road, Barwala,
Dist. Hisar (Haryana) : 125121
Phone no: 9416042096, 8813030425, 8813030441,
Fax : 01693-242796

Shri Satya SAI Free Hospital
Address: Hansi Road, Jind Chungi, Barwala Hisar, Hissar – 125121
Phone no: +(91)-9991686786, 9355722006

Gaur Hospital
Address: Near Auto Market & Anantram Hospital, Barwala, Hisar
Phone no: Not available

Banking Services in Barwala

Today Barwala citizens are able to enjoy all the modern banking services of 21st century. This obviously would not have been possible with good presence reputed banks. Well, today this town surely has more than decent number of them. Most of these banks have come up during last two decades. Along with all modern services presence of all these banks have given the locals faster access to cheaper and affordable credits. Not that today locals of Barwala town have completely stopped going to private money lenders, but their reliance on them has surely decreased to quite an extent.

Union Bank of india
Address: Ward No.4, Near Veterinary Hospital,Tohana Road, PO Barwala, Haryana - 125 121
Phone no: 01693-245150
IFSC Code: UBIN0562882

Address: 182 / A, Near Vaterinary Hospital Adj. Union Bank Hisar Road, Barwala-125121
Phone no: 9996243333
IFSC Code: HDFC0002175

State Bank Of India
Address: Barwala , Vill & Po Barwala Hissar – 125121
Phone no: +(91)-1693-242082

State Bank Of Patiala
Address: Ward No-3, Daulatpur Chowk , Barwala, Hissar – 126010
Phone no: +(91)-1693-242373

Safety and Security in Barwala

To keep nab on unlawful activities a local police station is functioning in the very heart of Barwala city. This police station though does not have to work too hard to keep law and order in check. Because this town very rarely witnessed unlawful activities, at least not of serious nature like murder, extortion and any other major organized crime. This means that most of the crimes occurring here are of absolutely non serious or pitiable nature. All these facts are pretty sufficed to conclude that Barwala city is a very peaceful and stable city in every way.

Barwala Police Station: 01693-242031
Superintendent of police Hisar: 01662-232307, 01662-232306

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